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Despite the best of intentions some relationships end.

When they do, you face a difficult time, fraught with questions and concerns, fears and confusion:

Where do I start?

Though these questions can seem overwhelming, it is our objective at Civilized Divorce to enable you to navigate the maze of separation and divorce with dignity, knowledge and mutual respect.

Civilized Divorce helps you to design a uniquely individual process to gather information, plan the best course of action, locate the right professionals and implement a balanced and even handed separation or divorce. Together we will address:

  • Parenting plans
  • Child support
  • Property Division
  • Planning for two households

Civilized Divorce….Our mission is to assist individuals who are separating or divorcing, in creating two healthy, successful households using constructive processes that are practical, respectful and non-adversarial.

Remember, this is your divorce, your family, your future.


Jane Warren, B.Sc.
Registered Family Mediator
500, 5940 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, Alberta, T2H 2G4
Ph: (403) 253 7653
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